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12/01/2012 December 2011 saw fewer calls

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There was unfortunate news from the RSPCA who reported that the number of calls they had received during 2011 regarding abandoned animals had once again risen for the fifth year running. The total number of calls has risen by over 30% during the five years from 2007 when the total number of calls was 21,481.

The good news was that the number of calls during December 2011 was the lowest for the period of time since 2008 with 1,997 calls. The RSPCA also witnessed less calls reporting stray or dumped animals during the first five days of 2012 than in 2011.

Some animals were abandoned outside RSPCA centres due to their owners becoming homeless. Tony Woodley, a RSPCA inspector said: “Although it is tempting to blame the economic situation we have no real idea of why the number of abandonments is increasing overall, but it is so frustrating to think that the messages about caring for animals just aren’t getting through to some people.

“Whatever the reason, owners have a legal responsibility to seek help for their animal and if this means making a bit of effort to find a good new home, or just waiting a few days until someone can take the animal in, this is what they must do

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