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Our pet dogs are important to us, they provide comfort, fun and an opportunity to exercise and they deserve the best possible care. We hope that with the help of our comparison site you will find the most competitively priced dog insurance that offers the most cost effective pet insurance cover.

Dog Insurance for Ongoing Treatment

Statistics in the UK indicate that there are 20 million pet dogs and cats in the UK. Less than half of those owners will have pet insurance. However, there is a one in three chance that their pet dog will need professional treatment for an illness or injury within the next year.

As all dog owners know, the cost of seeing a vet can be very expensive. Any treatment by your vet will come at a price. If your dog has back surgery it can cost around £4,000. A series of blood tests can set you back £500. Treatment for liver failure (not an uncommon problem in dogs) can amount to £5,000. Your dog health insurance will help cover these costs.

Many dogs require on-going treatment for injury and illness. On top of the initial treatment, there are the costs involved if your pet needs to stay in hospital. Spend time choosing your dog insurance to reflect the needs of your pet as it matures.

As an example, depending on the provider, the cost of insuring a pedigree labrador ranges from around £15 per month. It is true that your dog may never need treatment but many dog owners would rather not take the risk, purchasing a dog insurance policy will help with the cost of your best friends care.

Cheap Dog Insurance Benefits

The costs of medical treatment is just one aspect covered by your pet insurance. When you compare pet insurance quotes it is possible to source a cheap dog insurance policy which can include cover for other usefull benefits. Benefits such as the expense of advertising if a pet is lost, including any reward money!

Some dog insurance policies will also help cover the costs for a cancelled holiday. this could happen if your pet becomes too unwell and you are unable to leave it behind.

Your dog pet insurance policy may cover the legal costs in the event of a claim against you for injury as a result of the actions of your dog. The public liability cover on your dog insurance policy is every bit as important in protecting your finances as the cover offered for medical treatment costs.

Some policies can also pay for the care of your dog if you are incapacitated and unable to care for your dog yourself through illness.

We compare cheap dog cover insurance quotes to help you make savings.

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