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At we will help to search for the most cost effective policy with a level of cover to suit your growing kittens' needs.

Kittens, like all small animals are vulnerable to disease and tend to be accident prone as they explore their new environment. Therefore, it will come as no surprise to discover that visits to the local Veterinary Surgeon can become a regular occurrence.

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Your kitten may already have reason to visit a vet for its inoculations. Your vet will give you as much information as you need to ensure your pet remains healthy.

  • Annually, a third of all kittens suffer an injury or develop an illness that requires medical intervention.
  • Vets' bills for relatively short treatments are often in excess of two or three hundred pounds and the cost of treating a kitten with a broken leg may be as much as a thousand pounds or more.
  • Some reports indicate that inflation in respect of veterinary bills is running at around 11 per cent each year.
  • If it can be shown that your kitten caused an accident or damage, it is possible that you may be held liable.

Cat Insurance is easily available and can be as little as a few pounds per month. All Insurance policies vary from insurer to insurer. Certain breeds with adverse medical histories will of course be more expensive. Routine treatments and existing conditions may not always be covered. There may be an exclusion clause and there will almost certainly be a capped limit on costs covered.

Premiums will increase with the age of the pet and of course, different breeds will attract differing insurance costs. Some policies insure the heavy legal costs in the event of defending a claim against you for injury as a result of the actions of your pet and the cost of caring for your pet if you are incapacitated.

Kitten insurance - like any other form of insurance is only useful when you need it. It can help take away the worry of high vet's fees. A comprehensive insurance policy may in the worst case scenario, relieve you from a painful decision based on cost alone.

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