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Buying and owning a pet is a hugely rewarding experience. However, it is a sad fact that every year, thousands of pets are abandoned. Owners abandon pets for all sorts of reasons, not always through choice, but often as a result of finding that keeping a pet is not as simple as it may seem. The cost of comprehensive pet insurance should always be factored in to the cost of owning a pet. Before deciding to bring a pet into your home - it is important to find out if this will be a happy, long-term relationship for all concerned.

What sort of pet?

People describe themselves as a ‘dog person’ or a ‘cat person’ and base their pet choice on the 'idea' of owning a pet. However, there are other considerations. The amount of space you have is a major one. It may not be practicle to keep a large robust dog in a high rise flat.

Having enough time with your pet is amajor consideration, young dogs in particular, will need a lot of your spare time to play with and to teach social skills. If you are away from home for long periods, you would need to arrange a dog walker or home visits from a neighbour to ensure your pet is happy and not chewing the furniture in frustration! It's not just large animals that need human contact, smaller animals such as rabbits will also benefit from contact, especialy with small children, if they are to become a fun and safe family pet.


Although buying pet insurance can be expensive, its is always a good idea to shop around for the best price. It costs, on average, £15 a week to feed a dog, that’s £780 a year. There will be costs for vaccinations, worming and de-fleaing, vet bills if they are ill, pet insurance and kennel costs if you go away and depending on the animal, cages and bedding. Grooming your dog can prove expensive and this is before the costs of pet toys and treats!

Where to buy a pet

If you have decided on a pedigree cat or dog or more exotic pet such as snakes or other reptiles then it is wise to go a specialist registered breeder.. They will also be able to show you the parents so you can get an idea of what your pet's temprement when it is adult.

It is advised that you NEVER buy a pet from a website, these are often operated by people associated with puppy farms and not known for their commitment to an animal's health and welfare in any way. Alternatively you could go to the local animal shelter, e.g. RSPCA, Blue Cross or PDSA who always have a large variety of animals waiting for a new home.

Specific points to consider

Dogs are social creatures and should not be left alone for long periods. Cats are more independent than dogs and the average adult cat can cope far better with being left for some part of the day. Kittens, however, should not be left alone for very long.

Gerbils are very quick moving which makes it difficult for small children to hold them. Guinea pigs have a long lifespan (7 years) and need to live with another guinea pig. Some pet spiders are although are said to be harmless to humans, can cause injuries to eyes through the shedding of tiny hairs on their legs when stressed.

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