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25/01/2012 Responsible ownership is the key

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In an effort to ultimately reduce the number of unwanted and abused animals at the home staff have taken to the streets and put together a series of events and outreach programmes in partnership with local councils, social services, schools and the police to inform and teach young people how to be a responsible dog owner. It includes information on how to behave around dogs and how current dog laws affect them.

Many of the animals that arrive at the rescue home are there because their owners had failed to provide their pets with a collar and tag or microchip, making identification a difficult process. Many events have taken place on London’s housing estates, giving young people valuable information on the affects of issues such as stray dogs, dog fighting and dog overpopulation.

Amy Watson, Battersea’s education officer said “Battersea believes that education is key to driving this number down and making sure dogs are properly cared for in permanent, loving homes.” “We’re working hard to change this inaccurate image and help people to see that, when in the right hands with a responsible owner, they are friendly, sociable and affectionate dogs who crave human interaction,” Amy said.

“Our education team works hard to teach young people how to behave around dogs to minimise any risk of injury. We hope that this will not only reduce the incident rate of dog attacks but also help people of all ages to see that dogs can be wonderful companions and an asset to family life.”

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