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11/05/2012 Could help recover stollen dogs

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There are many dog owners who fear that their canine companion could end up kidnapped. The incidents of kidnapping have increased in many areas as more and more people look for a particular breed of dog. Many of the dogs stolen by gangs are never returned and their owners face weeks if not months fretting. A new application has been developed to help owners find dogs who have been stollen or are simply lost. The App is being launched by a company called DogLost who reunite more than 700 dogs in a month through its website the website will upload dogs’ details in an emergency which goes a long way in saving important time when a dog is lost or stolen.

The company’s founder Jayne Hayes said: "At DogLost we are dedicated to reuniting owners with their lost dog, and the launch of this new app will enable people to register dogs in advance or on the move and, crucially, make it easier for our volunteers to find lost dogs and report found ones,” she said. In an instant a dog’s details can be activated on the DogLost website, allowing hundreds of people to see that there is a lost or stolen dog in their locality. "The app also allows people to register loose or stray dogs on the move.”

The app is free to use and is available to download from Google Play or There will also be a follow on app launched through iPhone app within six weeks.

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