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17/08/2011 Surgery helps improve their pet's lives

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Research by a major pet insurance provider has revealed the extent that some pet owners are prepared to go to in order that their pets receive the best treatment at all times. Nose jobs and facelifts have been added to the list of improvements that some dog owners feel are vital to their pet’s wellbeing.

Figures show that millions of pounds are being spent each year on plastic surgery including £1.5million paid out in 2010 for nose jobs for cats and dogs which is an increase of 25 percent over the past three years.

Almost £1million has been paid out on eyelid lifts with Petplan and more than £250.000 paid towards dental surgery.

Vests have said that most of the surgery is vital for the pet as they regularly perform operations on pets that have a physical defect rather than for pet owners who are concerned with their pets looks. Many pets suffer from excessive drooling and some pet dogs experience difficulty with their vision if they have too much skin on their eyelids. Bloodhounds, bulldogs and mastiff breeds are very likely to suffer from an inherited eye condition called entropion with other dogs requiring their nasal passages to be widened to help with their breathing.

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