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24/02/2011 Menacing dogs to be on a lead

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The ongoing concern that many dog owners regarding the ability for dangerous dogs to roam freely without restraint in public places is being addressed in Liverpool. A public consultation is taking place to decide whether measures should be taken to ensure that dangerous dogs be kept on a lead in public areas.

The pilot for the dog control order would stipulate that ‘menacing dogs’ would need to be kept on a lead and a ‘menacing dog’ has been defined as one that appears to be causing a nuisance to other dogs or people, this includes behavior such as barking excessively or running around out of control. Failure to comply with the order would result in a criminal offence charge and fine of up to £1,000.

The current order takes in the location of three ‘dog trouble spots’ in the north of Liverpool, if this is deemed a success, the order will be rolled out to other areas of the city where there have been some concerns about unruly dogs.

The areas of control would include playgrounds, some playing fields and cemeteries. Dogs would need to be kept on leads on all areas including passages.

Council officers would be able to make dog owners put their dogs on leads.

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